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Lush Boxing Day Haul

Along with the rest of Twitter, I spent a fair amount of time on Boxing Day refreshing the Lush website in the hope of bagging myself a few bargains in their half price sale. Well, after an hour or so of adding items to my virtual basket only to lose them again when the website crashed (grrrrrr!), persistence eventually paid off and I got myself a basket full of rainbow coloured loveliness. I finally received my order in the post last week, so thought I’d share my haul with you.

Lush haul.JPG

The gift sets seemed to be the best value and I got myself three:

Lush Star of Wonder.JPG

The Star of Wonder gift set was £13.25 reduced from £25.95 and it includes:
– Shoot for the stars bath bomb
– Snow Fairy shower gel
– Star Light, Star Bright bath melt
– Candy Mountain bubble bar
– Sparkler bath bomb
– Snow Fairy Sparkle shimmer bar

The inclusion of snow fairy in this set is what attracted me to it, but I also can’t wait to use the candy mountain bubble bar as it has the same scent.

Lush Merry Christmas.JPG

The Merry Christmas gift set was £9.97 reduced from £19.95 and includes:
– Lord of Misrule bath bomb
– Cinders bath bomb
– Father Christmas bath bomb
– Golden Wonder bath bomb
– Christmas Eve bath bomb

Less than £2 per bath bomb? It had to be done!

Lush Whoop Whoop.JPG

Lush Whoop Whoop.JPG

The Whoop Whoop gift set was £14.47 reduced from £28.50 and includes:
– Drummers Drumming bubble bar
– Fizzbanger bath bomb
– Brightside bubble bar
– Whoosh shower gel
– Avobath bath bomb
– Northern Lights bath bomb

The packaging on this one was so cool! It comes complete with a bright paper decoration inside the lid of the box, which was a nice surprise. I’m most excited to try the Brightside bubble bar from this box, as I’ve heard so many amazing reviews of it.

A few other individual items caught my eye as well:


– Snow Angel bath melt £1.97 reduced from £3.95
– Christmas Penguin bubble bar £1.62 reduced from £2.95
– Holly Golightly bubble bar £2.38 reduced from £4.75
– The Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar £1.62 reduced from £2.95
– Dashing Santa bath bomb £1.48 reduced from £2.95

These little treats are helping me through the January blues by bringing glitter and cuteness to the party.

I realised when my order arrived that I did go a little bit OTT….I definitely got carried away by the fact it was all half price. I do have a lot of baths though, and it was my one and only sale splurge this year, so I have forgiven myself!

Were you lucky enough to get hold of anything in the Lush Boxing Day sale?

Claire x

  1. How frustrating was shopping in the LUSH online sale? I spent the whole day trying to get on. I think you definitely deserve all these treats for your trouble. I picked up a few lovely bath bits too.. some single bath bombs/bubble bars and I also got myself the ‘Star of Wonder’ box. Great post lovely xx
    Natasha Paris x | natashaparisblog

  2. The LUSH online sale was so frustrating.. I spent all day trying to get through the checkout. You definitely deserve all these goodies for your trouble :) I managed to get the star of wonder Giftbox, a couple of bubble bars and bath bombs.. I don’t think I’ll run out any time soon xx

  3. I picked up the Christmas Candy gift set as I really wanted Snow Fairy and the Candy Mountain bubble bar. I didn’t do very well on managing to get any individual items though – gutted because I’d been waiting for the sale to pick them up! :-( xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  4. I did a big Lush haul in the sales too, I got quite a few things you did too. I can’t believe how much I still have left as well!

    Lauren x – bylaurenjane

  5. Great haul, sadly I missed out on the sale! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  6. I love the bubble bars a lot! looks like you’re stocked up now !

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