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NOAH Regenerating Hair Mask With Argan Oil

It’s no secret that I’m a complete makeup and skincare junkie, but one area of beauty which I often neglect is haircare.  Apart from treating my hair to the occasional deep conditioning treatment and slapping on a bit of serum when things get particularly frizzy, shampoo and conditioner is about as adventurous as things get in the hair products department. I am blessed cursed with naturally very curly and frizzy hair (think Monica from Friends in Barbados) and it takes a daily battering from my trusty GHDs as I constantly battle to tame this wily beast of a barnet. Consequently, the opportunity to try out a deep conditioning treatment from a brand which is new to me –  NOAH – could not be more welcome. 

NOAH Regenerating Hair Mask With Argan Oil  

NOAH Regenerating Hair Mask With Argan Oil 
I was kindly sent the NOAH Regenerating Hair Mask With Argan Oil* to try out and I have been using for it the last few weeks.  The mask contains argan oil and claims to bring strength, vitality and shine to dry and damaged hair.

The mask is creamy in consistency and it smells lovely – really fresh without being over-powering.  Designed to be applied after shampooing, once a week I have been leaving this mask on my hair for a good five minutes before rinsing away.  The difference it made to my hair was immediately noticeable – even after blow drying and straightening, my hair is left looking and feeling so soft, smooth and nourished.  Despite getting my hair trimmed regularly at the hairdressers, the constant use of straighteners has left me with very dry, brittle ends, but the condition of my hair has significantly improved in just a few weeks with the use of this hair mask.  

Aside from the amazing difference this mask has made to the condition of my hair, I also really like the fact that NOAH is a completely natural beauty brand, all of their products being completely paraben and paraffin free.  Although I don’t always actively seek out natural beauty brands, I do prefer using products which are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain lots of chemicals, so I am really happy to have been introduced to NOAH and will certainly look out for more products in the range.

Have you heard of NOAH yet and have you tried anything from the brand?

Claire x

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